A Tale Of Two Players

It is considered by most to be a privilage to play in the NFL. Even just to make it into the league and play a single game shows that you are one of the best in the world at what you do. Sadly for some this is just not enough. These individuals succumb to other temptations that go along with all of the fame and of course fortunes that you receive as a member of the NFL. For modest middle class civilians like myself, all that money and influence seem like more than any person can ask for. Yet these young men continue to be unsatisfied. It seems we are in a day where making one million dollars a year is simply not enough. Take for example the most recent case of wrong-doing by an NFL player. Sam Hurd, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, was arrested yesterday for attempting to purchase very large amounts of cocaine and marijuana. According to the federal authorities Hurd had an intent to distribute his product onto the streets of Chicago. Hurd is not a star player by any means, but was still given a 3 year $4.15 million contract. I guess that just wasn’t enough for the San Antonio native who also went to college in Dekalb, Illinois at Northern Illinois University. I find it surprising that a person with so much to lose would make such a terrible decision and basically ruin the rest of their life. Hurd is a married man now facing up to 40 years in prison.
This situation just makes me appreciate a person like Tim Tebow even more. Tebow is a out-spoken and very devout Christian who has been mocked and ridiculed for his high morale standards. It has become so bad that other players are “Tebowing” after making a big play. That being that they bend down on one knee as if they were in prayer, an action Tim Tebow has done after several touchdowns this season. Though being made a mockery of and being the target of so much negativity, Tebow continues to win football games and do so with the utmost class and character on and off the field. I believe most players who are mocking Tebow are doing so because they are afraid of him and his image. It makes them look bad. He sets a new standard for character that other players fear and do not want to follow. Those players are the ones who do not realize the amount of influence they have on a child.
With Hurd and Tebow you have two players with different morale values, yet both will be criticized for them. I guess thats just this day in age and to me, this day in age is just pretty sad.

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