A Little Pizza Life

If there’s one food in my life that I enjoy more than any other it most definately is pizza. Ever since I can remember I have craved its cheesy and saucy touch. The first pizza that I remember eating was a stuffed spinach from Superosa. That was about when I was 4 years old and even then I had knew I had found my eventual answer to all of my hunger needs.
Now, at the ripe age of 26, I find myself on a journey to taste and consume as many different pizzas as one possibly could. There are many that I have already tried. Aside from all of the major chain restaurants (Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caeser’s, Papa John’s) I also have enjoyed, Giordano’s, Gino’s East, D’Agustino’s, and of course Superosa to name a few. Of the major chains I must say that I prefer Pizza Hut. They consistently make good quality pizzas and also offer them at a modest price. Pizza Hut has also been on the forefront of innovation when it comes to variety in the pizza making industry. They offer several types of crust, sauces, and sides to go along with your pizza, making them the obvious choice for pizza when you are out of town.
As for when you are in town, that being the greater Chicagoland area, there are so many pizza joints that it can make your head spin. So is there one clear choice when in Chicago? I believe so. Giordano’s is my all time favorite. Everything from their sauce to dough to amount of sauce they use is just right. Is it a little pricey? Yes. Will you be disappointed? No. Heed the adage “you get what you pay for” on this one.
Most overrated pizza distributor in chicago you ask? Easy for me. That one goes to D’Augustino’s. How they have gotten to be as big as they are baffles me. I extremely dislike how thin their crust is. Its like nothing I’ve encountered before. I’d compare it to notebook paper. Besides that the sauce is also a sweeter more sugary type that is just not my cup of tea. Lastly, let me explain to you a personal experience I had with them just a few months ago. While at work at Wrigley Field where DAGS is the only pizza you can purchase, me and several of my peers attempted to order from the DAGS on Southport and Addison. A mere 3 blocks away. We ordered the pizza at 3 o’clock and did not recieve it until 5:30. 2 1/2 hours later. This is unacceptable to me and I would hope for anyone, especially given the close proximity of the restaurant. They did give us 20$ off, but in no way does that make up for a cold and might I add lackluster product.
So now that I’ve covered nearly all of the pizza bases that I can, let me tell you about my favorite neighborhood joint that produces a high quality product every time for a can’t beat price. This place is called La Villa. I’ve only lived near it for 1 year now but it seems like an eternity. A wonderfully satisfying eternity. My fiance and I may have ordered close to 100 pizzas, perhaps more in the past year. Every time we get one it is the same quality and same service. What more could you ask for?
In conclusion, its Pizza Hut when you’re out of town, Giordano’s when you’re in town, never D’Augustino’s, and La Villa if you are lucky enough to live within delivery.