Wrigley Welcomes “The Boss”

This past weekend Wrigley Field hosted another set of concerts this time welcoming classic rock legend Bruce Springsteen. “The Boss” as he has come to be known, came to Chicago to perform yet again, but this time appearing at Wrigley Field. Playing both Friday and Saturday nights, Bruce played to a crowd of more than 40,000 each night, serenading them with deep cut after deep cut. Personally, I can care less for him as a musician but after speaking with several of his fans who were in attendance I get the feeling that generally the crowd was very pleased with his performance. Bruce also welcomed several surprise guests. Former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morrelo and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder appeared both nights making for a delightful twist on a somewhat dull and generic night of music. But all in all it was still a momentous concert that I had the privilege to be a part of.

Wrigley Prepares For “The Wall”

pink Floyd at Wrigley in ChicagoAs another summer draws near here in the windy city, so does concert season. To kick off this wonderful time of year, Wrigley Field will open its doors to Roger Waters, the former frontman to the iconic psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Wrigley is just one of many stadiums Waters will stop in this summer to perform the album “The Wall”. He will do so on Friday June 8th on what definitely is the biggest stage Wrigley field has ever seen.

Wrigley pink Floyd concertThe stage takes up nearly the entire outfield and is made to accommodate a giant video projector that will show images from the motion picture “The Wall” that Waters helped create. In just under a week a crew of tireless workers has turned this 98 year old baseball stadium into one of the premiere concert venues in the mid-west.

mike waters at Wrigley field
Hard to think that a baseball game was played here recently and that more will be played here starting Tuesday June 12, leaving Wrigley workers only a few days to prepare the field for baseball.¬† Judging by the massive structures erected for this show, I know one things for sure… This show will be loud and visually stunning. And I can’t wait to see it!

This Is Punch Cabbie

With a ferocious scream, Punch Cabbie is tearing through the mundane sound of mainstream metal and showcasing their powerful and dynamic presence for the entire metal world to see. Their goal is to be heard and they are achieving this with an unmatched work ethic that only a band from Chicago can be able to produce. Punch Cabbie’s most recent conquest? The L.A. Music awards which they brought home two awards, metal band of the year and national hard rock band of the year-producers choice award. With the exposure and recognition gained from the awards, Punch Cabbie hopes to carry all the recent positive energy and use it to lay down their first full length album “Intimidation FM”. With that being said here is a single from that upcoming album. This is Punch Cabbie…