Top High Schoolers Play At Wrigley


Today Wrigley Field welcomed some of the nations top high school baseball players to compete in a two team exhibition to showcase their talents on front of the entire nation. Many of the players today will eventually play in college and are hoping to one day make it to the show. Each player is guaranteed to play and some will also participate in a home run derby prior to the game. This game will be an excellent opportunity for these young men not only to play on a major league park and be in a big league environment, but also to show scouts for both colleges and major leagur teams what they are capable of doing. One name to watch is Kacey Clemens. Son of former big league pitcher Roger Clemens. He has the size and ability to be noticed. Also a pitcher like his father, I’m sure scouts will haves their radar guns ready when he takes the mound.
It will be interesting to see what lites ahead for these young men and whether or not any of them really have what it takes to make it to the show.

Trades Bring Young Pitching To Cubs Farm System

The trade deadline brought many new faces to the Cubs, as they parted ways with several players this past week.  Ryan Dempster, Geovany Soto, Reed Johnson, and Paul Maholm were all sent to other teams as part of a wave of trades that has brought a number of young pitchers to the Cubs farm system. 
In 3 separate trades, that all transpired in the matter of less than 24 hours, all these players were shipped away in order for the Cubs to bolster up a Cubs farm system that desperately needs pitching prospects. With the moves the Cubs were able to pick up 4 young pitchers and one position player. All are prospects with no time spent in the big leagues and potential to make an impact for the Cubs in the coming years.
Saying goodbye for the former Cubs that were just recently traded was not easy. Former pitcher Ryan Dempster went as far as to take out an add in both major newspapers to thank the fans and  city of Chicago for all their kindness during his tenure here.
All players will be missed but the moves were necessary to further the plan to rebuild the Cubs into a perennial N.L. power. It will be interesting to see how each player will do in their new home and how their teams will play. For better or for worse, only time will tell. But one thing is for sure… The Cubs are definately going young.

Wrigley Prepares For “The Wall”

pink Floyd at Wrigley in ChicagoAs another summer draws near here in the windy city, so does concert season. To kick off this wonderful time of year, Wrigley Field will open its doors to Roger Waters, the former frontman to the iconic psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Wrigley is just one of many stadiums Waters will stop in this summer to perform the album “The Wall”. He will do so on Friday June 8th on what definitely is the biggest stage Wrigley field has ever seen.

Wrigley pink Floyd concertThe stage takes up nearly the entire outfield and is made to accommodate a giant video projector that will show images from the motion picture “The Wall” that Waters helped create. In just under a week a crew of tireless workers has turned this 98 year old baseball stadium into one of the premiere concert venues in the mid-west.

mike waters at Wrigley field
Hard to think that a baseball game was played here recently and that more will be played here starting Tuesday June 12, leaving Wrigley workers only a few days to prepare the field for baseball.  Judging by the massive structures erected for this show, I know one things for sure… This show will be loud and visually stunning. And I can’t wait to see it!