Fantasy Flop

Week 14 in the NFL season means playoffs for fantasy football owners, well for those that are lucky enough to make it that far. My team unfortunately was not that lucky. After making the playoffs the past two years and having the third pick in the draft this year I should have been able to make it again but the draft is actually where my season started and ultimately ended. With the 3rd pick I selected Chris Johnson an ultra productive running back that was going through a contract dispute and didn’t find his stride until week 10 or so. By that time I had already traded him for Ryan Mathews who had his share of ups and downs aswell. My 2nd round pick was Peyton Hillis who donned the cover of Madden 12 and of course had a terrible season plagued by injuries. So for my 3rd rounder I got a little crazy and drafted another Peyton this time Manning and his neck just never healed and went from being projected to playing in week 3 to see ya next season. All in all it was a horrendous season for me but just last week I was still in the hunt needing to win my game which I did, then needing another team to lose and then I would have been in. That did not pan out though as Aaron Rodgers threw 4 touchdowns and the team I needed to lose won leaving me out of the playoffs for the first time in my fantasy career. But as the old saying goes… There’s always next year, and for me it can’t come soon enough.

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