My Life At Wrigley


For the past 5 and a half years I have been perhaps the luckiest Cubs fan on Earth.  When I first got the phone call in August 2007 from my friend Joe that the Cubs were hiring groundskeepers I immediately filled out an application and sure enough was hired.  My career started out at Wrigley Field with the Cubs in a heated race for the N.L. Central title against the Brewers.  That year the Cubs would end up winning the division,  but losing in the first round of the playoffs.  At that time I was satisfied just to be able to go onto Wrigley Field and work in the MLB.   Little did I know what Wrigley would have in store for me over the next 5 years.

Two groundskeepers living the dream

2008 was a fantastic season for both me and the Cubs, and even Wrigley for that matter.  That year the Cubs won the division again, I learned a great deal and met some very great people, and Wrigley hosted the Winter Classic featuring the Blackhawks and Red Wings.  It was a blessing to be a part of all of this and to get paid for it was even more gratifying.

The next several years were not as good for the Cubs.  They saw many players and coaches come and go due to some not so good baseball.  But through all the changes, the groundscrew stayed mostly the same.  Always hard working and dedicated, we were expected to spend our summers at the ballpark keeping the field in the best condition we could.  With great leadership and chemistry, there is truly nothing that our crew was not able to do.  Be it a concert, hockey game, movie night, football game, soccer game, more concerts, the groundscrew was and always will be up for task.

Walking off for the day

I am very grateful to several people for making this entire experience very special for me.  My friend Joe for referring me to get the job, Mike and Rog for teaching so much and giving me the opportunity to excell, and Joe, Daly, Dave, Chad, Sadny, Joe Dick, Frank, and everyone else on the crew that made the work day seem so much less like work and more like fun.   I have so many memories and experiences that I cherish from these people that I simply do not have the time to explain.  Now that I’m not working there anymore I can finally go back to just being a fan of a bad baseball club.  I Can’t wait!


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