Take Me Out To The Soccer Game

Just when you thought the Cubs couldn’t find another use for the friendly confines, there they go booking another hgh profile event on the field. This time its a soccer game July 22nd at 2:30 p.m. as Italy’s AS Roma will face Poland’s Zaglebie Lubin. Though the stadium has hosted soccer before this will be much different than when it was played in the 80’s.
One reason being the direction of the field. When the Chicago Sting played at Wrigley t field was set up north to south, but this time around it will be set east to west. This is to make a better view for the skyboxes. To do this, the grounds crew must lay sod over the infield dirt and outfield warning track. No simple task, but this crew has always found a way to overcome every obstacle they have faced and this one being no different.

Another difference will be the teams. This will be an international exhibition game. With the game not counting for or against either teams record, look for each coach to sit their star players. That being said, watch for some bad soccer to be played on Sunday.
One last thing to take into account is what role the weather will play in the game. The forecast is calling for temperatures in the upper 90’s with high humidity. These are prime conditions for “microbursts” or pop up storms with heavy rains and high winds. If one of these happens to hit Wrigley during the game, there is definately a chance that the game will be stopped.
But as it stands now the field is ready, as well as the teams, for what will definately be a historic day, a a historic ball park.

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