The Wall Rocks Wrigley

Roger Waters did not disappoint last night when he took the stage at Wrigley to play the iconic album “The Wall”.  In front of a crowd of 35,000 plus, Waters delivered an exciting and awe-inspiring performance.  Unlike any other concert that Wrigley had seen before, this production was as visually stunning  as it was musically.  Giant projectors spewed images along with every song making the music that much more intense.  The album itself is a roller coaster of emotions switching from more mellow songs such as, Mother and Comfortably Numb, to more faster paced songs with catchy riffs like, Young Lust and Run Like Hell.  That shift in pace and emotion was evident in the crowd last night as you can almost feel every “ohhh” and “ahhh” from the crowd.

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to attend this show and definitely would recommend seeing it, if not for the music, at least for the visual effects which were compelling to say the least.



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